In four short years, Lue Elizondo has become the single most divisive figure UFOLOGY has ever known. During that time many have reasonably questioned Lue's astonishing claims with skepticism and requests for any evidence to substantiate those claims, only to be met with a wall of silence.  After months of researching this mysterious figure and seeking the evidence, I've discovered that there is nothing really mysterious about Lue Elizondo at all.

I decided to release the information I've found after one day on social media, when I was attempting to explain my skepticism to Lue's unsubstantiated claims yet again, I realized that I had made this same explanation multiple times. That was when the thought occurred to me: Put all of the research and evidence that I have discovered into a single documentary. That way I could simply point people to my work, instead of having to explain myself time and time again. And thus began my attempt to answer the question of: Who's Lue?

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All documents and records obtained for and included in this film are provided below. 

This documentary was created for the purposes of organizing publicly available information into 

a comprehensive timeline and format, it is intended for informational and educational purposes only.

 None of the information contained here should be used to bully, harass, intimidate, or deny 

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Source Documents are numbered 1 - 90 and are posted in order reading from left to right, top to bottom.

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1995 picture
Brigade 2506 Documentation ACT 1 / DOC 1
Brigade 2506 Documentation ACT 1 / DOC 2
Lue's Birth Notice * ACT 1 / DOC 3
Pomarola Inc. 1978 ACT 1 / DOC 4
Lue SR. Solo Venture ACT 1 / DOC 5
------EDL INC&TIL INC 1988------ ACT 1 / DOC 6
Parents Divorce 1987 ACT 1 / DOC 7
---Sophomore Year 1987--- ACT 1 / DOC 8
Sophomore Year 1987 ACT 1 / DOC 9
--Luie Divo Incorporated-- ACT 1 / DOC 10
-----Senior Year 1990----- ACT 1 / DOC 11
Miami Hurricane ACT 1 / DOC 12
-Miami Hurricane- ACT 2 / DOC 13
-Jen Elizondo Clustrmaps- ACT 2 / DOC 14
-Lue Elizondo Clustrmaps- ACT 2 / DOC 15
Denver Address * ACT 2 / DOC 16
---Daughters Birth Notice--- ACT 2 / DOC 17
HydroMax Pat. 2001 * ACT 2 / DOC 18
Puerto Rico * ACT 2 / DOC 18 A
Hydromax Patent * ACT 2 / DOC 19
Georgia Property ACT 2 / DOC 20
Home to Fort Gordon * ACT 2 / DOC 20 A
Lue's Miami Adress 2001 * ACT 2 / DOC 21
Lue and Larry Share Address ACT 2 / DOC 22
Larry Powers Obit. ACT 2 / DOC 23
North Palm Beach ACT 2 / DOC 24
Lockheed Jobs * ACT 2 / DOC 25
--Georgia Home Sold 2004-- ACT 2 / DOC 26
Kent Island to DC * ACT 2 / DOC 27
-----------Stevensville, MD Home 2004----------- ACT2/DOC27A
--Interchangeable Boat Hull-- 2007 ACT 2 / DOC 28
AATIP Slide 1 * ACT 3 / DOC 29
AATIP Slide 2 * ACT 3 / DOC 30
---Harry Reid Letter 2009--- ACT 3 / DOC 34
Reid Elizondo Reference Letter 2021 ACT3/DOC35
Bigelow Donations*ACT3/DOC35A
Bankruptcy 2010*ACT3/DOC36
Never Ship Empty 2010 ACT3/DOC37AB
N.S.E. Logo ACT3/DOC37A
Death Notice 2011 * ACT3/DOC37B
Boat Hull Patent 2009 ACT3/DOC38
Link to Lockheed Patent ACT 3 / DOC 39
Lockheed Patent 2007 ACT3/DOC39A
Inmar Tech Webpage ACT3/DOC40
Inmar Tech Webpage ACT3/DOC41
Schmidt Bio * ACT3/DOC42
Article 124B * ACT3/DOC43
Patent Lists Lockheed 2012 ACT3/DOC 44
-Resignation Letter- ACT4/DOC45
Encintias 2016 * ACT4/DOC46
ACT 4 / DOC 48
TTSA Wikipedia * ACT4/DOC49
ACT 4 / DOC 50
ACT 4 / DOC 51
Podesta TTSA Tweet 2017 ACT4/DOC51A
Video Request Form 2017 ACT4/DOC52
Knapp TTSA Stock ACT4/DOC53
West Virginia Property 2016 ACT4/DOC54
Ramona Property 2018 ACT4/DOC55
K & K Tile Services * ACT4/DOC56
Birth Notice 207 * ACT4/DOC57
Ramona Home Sale 2018 ACT4/DOC58
Delonge Tweet * ACT4/DOC59
Delonge Tweet * ACT4/DOC60
Delonge Tweet * ACT4/DOC61
Delonge Tweet * ACT4/DOC62
Lue Quits TTSA * ACT4/DOC63
Lue Joins Twitter 2020 ACT4/DOC64
180 Day Report * ACT4/DOC65
180 Day Report * ACT4/DOC66
180 Day Report * ACT4/DOC67
180 Day Report * ACT4/DOC68
180 Day Report * ACT4/DOC69
180 Day Report * ACT4/DOC70
180 Day Report * ACT4/DOC71
180 Day Report * ACT4/DOC72
180 Day Report ACT4/DOC73
Wyoming Home ACT5/DOC 74
Lockheed Wyoming ACT5/DOC75
Defense Industry WY ACT5/DOC76
AATIP Videos leaked ACT5/DOC77
Knapp TTSA Tweet * ACT5/DOC78
Chris Mellon Wiki * ACT5/DOC79
Knapp Corbell Tweet ACT5/DOC80
Skinwalkers Corbell * ACT5/DOC81
Skinwalker Clip * ACT5/DOC82
GQ Heros 2021 * ACT5/DOC83
GQ Heroes 2021 * ACT5/DOC84
Good Pal Harry Reid ACT5/DOC85
Lue In Korea * ACT5/DOC86
Lue The Wanabe ACT5/DOC87
Wanabe Definition * ACT5/DOC88

Other Relevant Docs to the "WHOSLUE" Project.

This section will be reserved for additional relevant information and documentation that becomes pertinent for reference now that the documentary has been released.


(1/31/22) After publication of the film, it was discovered that a company titled "Never Ship Empty, Inc" was located in the state of Delaware.  The business documentation will be posted here when it is received. I sincerely and humbly apologize to Mr. Elizondo and anyone who viewed this work for the error.            -Manny

All of the documents listed on this site are credited and were found using the following publicly available resources:

www.theblackvault.com      www.archives.com     www.classmates.com    www.newspapers.com

 www.twitter.com      www.uspto.com      www.luiselizondo-official.com    www.infotracer.com     www.clustrmaps.com     www.google.com      maps.google.com


Corporation and LLC records are held by the Secretary of State in the state which which the company is incorporated.

Property records are held by the County Clerks Office in the county the property resides.

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